We provide a range of management services to Condominium/Town Home/Homeowners Associations, and owners of individual residences and commercial properties in the suburbs of Chicago. We have the industry know-how that only comes from hands-on involvement.



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We are a Property Management company specializing in managing properties on behalf of our clients. We bring expertise and security to our Clients, so they have confidence in the delivery process and prevent them from making costly mistakes.

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Property Marketing

The easiest way to quickly find the right tenant is to let our marketing gurus do the hard work for you. We syndicate listings across multiple sites such as Zillow, Hotpads, Trulia as well as the MLS in order to maximize your property's exposure. We're also aggressive in our marketing of occupied properties in order to minimize or eliminate vacancy periods.

Tenant Screening

Strict application standards lead to GREAT tenants!  There's no aspect of the property management process more important than starting with a great tenant, and that's what we're able to promise.  We feature FREE EVICTION PROTECTION and we require our tenants to carry additional liability insurance, providing even more peace of mind.

Rent Collection

Our team handles all of your rental's accounting needs, from collecting monthly rent payments to issuing funds directly to you via direct deposit.  Tenants can pay rent via check, or through the portal using their checking account or a credit card.  Once funds clear, they're immediately issued to you.  Typically, this only takes 1-2 business days.

Property Inspections

Every property in our management portfolio receives several inspection visits annually. These visits help us ensure all is well inside your property. Come time to renew an existing lease, we'll also conduct an inspection to ensure the property is being properly cared for.


Tenants can easily submit repair requests online or via email. Once we receive a maintenance request, we utilize troubleshooting in order to avoid unnecessary repair bills. If the repair is something that can't be easily fixed, we'll send one of our awesome vendors to make it right.

Financial Reporting

Enjoy detailed monthly financial statements by working with us. We put all of your statements in our digital account portal, which you can access 24/7. We'll also handle the required tax documents come year's end.