We have the ability to operate as a Construction Management as-an-Agent or as a Construction Management at Risk for all types of projects. From managing an entire project to supplementing and consulting other construction management teams.

Obtaining Building Permits

Once we receive your approval on the design, we will get your permit set of plans underway. Once the drawings are complete they will be sent to an engineer who will confirm that grading and drainage meets requirements. A structural engineer will also review the plans for structural elements and code compliance. The permit set, along with all other necessary information will be submitted to the city for permit. The permit typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive back from the city but may vary depending on municipality. Once we receive permit we are ready to begin construction, pending all exterior selection have been completed.

1. Exterior Selections Meeting

During permitting stage you will meet with your selection's coordinator at the model home design center to begin your exterior selections. You are welcome to come to the model ahead of time to begin browsing. Some items must be selected and approved at the meeting, or shortly after, including the entry door, windows, and patio door. All exterior selections are due 5 days prior to scheduled start of excavation. Selections will be made using our project management software. You will also receive a list of vendors to meet with directly for some of your interior selections.

2. Ceremonial Breaking Ground Meeting

You will meet at the site of your new home with your construction manager to review the plans and visions for your new home. At this point we will have a ceremonial breaking ground to celebrate the beginning of construction. A family photo will be taken on your new home site. From this moment forward our craftsmanship will shine through in the details, and with over 30 years of experience you can feel confident your home is in good hands.

3. Excavation & Foundation

Foundation work will begin following the excavation of your new home. Footings will be poured and underground plumbing will be installed. A few days later, the foundation walls will be poured. After the foundation has been given time to cure, we will brace the foundation walls and backfill the foundation. Backfill is the process of filling in the excess dig area around the foundation with soil.

4. Interior Selections Meeting

Around the time of starting foundation, you will meet at our model home design center for your interior selections. At this meeting you will finalize your selections for the majority of your interior. Some selections will be made at our vendor's showrooms. You will receive a sheet with information to schedule visits with external vendors for items such as flooring, appliances, and lighting. All interior selection should be completed prior to start of framing.

5. Framing & Roofing

The next step is to install steel support beams and columns in your basement, followed by framing your home. During the framing stage you will be able to see your home take shape as walls are built, foam insulation is applied, and roof shingles are laid.

6. Mechanical/ Structural Meeting

Upon completion of framing you will meet with your construction manager and selection's coordinator for an on-site mechanical walk through. You will review HVAC, low voltage, and electrical locations. You will also review any framing concerns, changes, or added details that you desire. Any extras that you wish to add will be uploaded to our software soon after your walk through and should be approved by the end of the next day so that work can continue in a timely manner.

7. Mechanical Roughs

After all framing has been complete, rough in stage will begin. This stage usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete, depending on home size. At this time, the HVAC ducting, electrical conduit, low voltage wiring, and plumbing pipes will be installed within the walls to supply the necessary and luxury features of your home.

8. Inspections & Quality Control

At this point there are several inspections that must be completed by city or village inspectors. We will also perform a quality control inspection to make sure that everything has been constructed to the highest standards. Any imperfections will be documented and corrected at this time.

9. Insulation and Air Sealing

We build our homes to achieve a highly energy efficient rating with the healthiest indoor air quality. During insulation stage your home is closed off and our insulation crew works diligently to seal every crack and crevice using elastometric sealant. After all of the cracks are filled, cellulose insulation is blown into walls and ceilings and packed tight for optimal insulation value.

10. Exterior Fascade

While the interior of your home is moving along, our crews will be busy bringing the exterior of your home to life with the application of brick or stone, siding, and gutters. As the exterior of your home comes to life, your home will also gain a lot of attention and curb appeal through the finishes that you have selected.

11. Interior Drywall

The next stage after insulation has been blown in to the wall cavities is drywall. Drywall will be hung and taped. After this stage is complete you will have a better feel for each space in your home.

12. Hardwood and Tile Installation

Tile or Hardwood that you chose during the selection phase will be installed in to your home after the drywall installation is complete. The process usually takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on your selections and coverage.

13. Interior Millwork, Door Installation, and Prime

Along with hardwood and tile installation, your interior trim details will be custom crafted and installed. This includes interior doors, baseboards, crown moldings, and any other wood details we have designed for you. After all trim has been cut and installed by our certified craftsman, you home will be primed for paint.

14. Cabinet Installation

During or shortly after trim stage your custom designed cabinets will be delivered to your home. Our certified craftsmen will carefully level and install the custom cabinetry throughout your home. The cabinets will then be protected to prevent from damage.

15. Paint

After cabinets have been installed it is time for your home to be painted. Our crews will spend 1 to 2 weeks in your home applying the high quality no VOC paints and stains that you have selected. The paint is the most critical piece to highlight the interior details of your home.

16. Countertop Installation

Either before or during painting, we will install the custom granite countertops in your home that you have selected. This is typically a 1 to 2 day process to install the pre-cut tops into your home.

17. Install Closet Shelving, Mirrors, and Shower Doors

After your home is nearly complete, any shelving, mirrors, and shower doors that you selected will be installed in to your home.

18. Mechanical Trim

All mechanical trades will come back to your home to install the final touches such as plumbing fixtures, lighting, furnace, AC, and electrical faceplates. Things are really starting to take shape at this point.

19. Carpet and Prefinished Flooring Installation

Carpet will be installed in your home and final finish will be applied to hardwood floors. If you selected a prefinished hardwood they will be installed at this time as well.

20. Final Grading

The excavation contractor will return to complete the final grade of your yard to accommodate proper drainage and to prepare for the landscaping and hardscaping to be installed.

21. Driveway & Sidewalks

We save driveway and sidewalk installation until the final stages in order to prevent damage from construction vehicles. Your driveway and sidewalks will typically be installed a few weeks before closing, weather permitting. If you have added hardscapes they will be installed around the same time frame.

22. Landscaping & Sod

About a week before closing we will install landscaping and Sod. This is the finishing touch for the exterior of your home.

23. Final Cleaning

During this part of the process, final finishing touches are added, such as a deep cleaning of the entire home including the windows, floors, baths, kitchen, and so on.